5 Reasons Serviced Offices Are Successful in UAE

Serviced offices are prompt and hassle free solutions for companies seeking to simply ‘pay and enter’ in an office space. These work spaces are equipped with all essential furniture, machinery and peripherals to sustain a fully functional office environment from day 1. Along with fits outs and hardware, serviced office providers also offer maintenance of the office premises, reception, telephone answering, meeting rooms, internet connection and a wide range of other business services. Due to these factors serviced offices have become quite the celebrity in UAE, especially among SMEs.

Why Serviced Offices can do Better?

Abundant across different business districts in UAE, serviced offices are increasingly becoming a mainstream occupancy option for companies of all sizes and natures in UAE. According to latest statistics, the serviced office industry has been a rapidly expanding segment, growing at an annual rate of 73 per cent globally. With the Dubai Expo closing in, foreign direct investments (FDIs) have already begun to surge, giving Dubai a competitive position in the global business Arena. According to research, Dubai is expected to host 200,000 business by 2020 as the business setup rate is already up by 50% compared to last year. This directly signals the increasing demand for office space in Dubai and UAE.

Low Startup Cost

The best feature about serviced offices is it saves a considerable margin on upfront costs. SME’s are unable to produce large capital required to buy/lease traditional offices, whereas opting for serviced office space in UAE can save up to 75% of their initial costs. The leasing agreements are also flexible and short as one month in contrast to traditional office spaces, which can go as far as 3-5 years.

Added Services

Aside from a basic serviced space, packages include other significant add-ons such as refreshment services, IT support, secretarial services, meeting/conference rooms and even digital services for setting up company website. These packages are mostly designed to cater 360-degree needs of SMEs looking for fast track company formation services in UAE.

Time Barrier

Companies cannot afford the money and time spent on hunting down locations, designing office furniture, negotiating lease contracts and interviewing candidates for IT staff, cleaning or receptionist. Instead, newly established companies are more inclined towards off-the-shelf office spaces that are easy to move in and even more easier to move out.

Operational Agility

By using serviced offices, businesses are no longer obliged to hold the substantial amount of fixed assets associated with owning an office. This allows the companies in UAE to modify the size of their office or resources anytime according to their business growth rate. This gives operational agility to the business when entering new markets.

Professional Physical Façade

Businesses often face conflict while choosing the right location for establishing an office space. Many districts in UAE are sparsely connected with commercial zones that offer the right fit and accommodation for business to grow. Business centers in UAE offer professionally designed serviced offices to send a profound impression of a corporate environment.

How Ascendris Can Help

Serviced offices are particularly beneficial for companies looking for an office spaces in Dubai that offer a low-cost, high-quality solution with short term lease contract. Located in Business Bay, a major business district in UAE, Ascendris offers the perfect office space solutions and provides the finest meeting rooms and serviced offices in the heart of Dubai.

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